About Me

Hi this page is just to tell you a little bit about me....
Firstly I am a teenage crafter who is obsessed about making my own accessories and cute creations; which can not only be loved, but can inspire others. I aim to be original in my tutorials and my blog- by focusing on a number of different crafts and I hope that this leads to the development of new ideas.
I have been creating since my very early childhood, watching shows like art attack, fingertips and blue peter. My earliest memories are running around the house trying to find old objects that could be reused or pretty objects that were utterly inspirational. Paper and sticky tape had a lot to answer for! Even if this blog inspires simply one person, I will be happy with the result of sharing my ideas among the incredible community of avid creators.

All tutorials and DIY posts on this blog are my own, original ideas; I aim to bring fresh ideas to the crafting community!
I have an interest in hobbies and writing and so I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy creating it!
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Keep the Creative Juices Flowing!

All posts and ideas are my own and original unless stated and then a link to the original will be provided alongside the post. All headers, social media buttons, profile pictures and images are either designed or taken by myself. Please do not reproduce content unless otherwise acknowledged or you provide a link, feel free to take inspiration for your own craft projects. Thank you.

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