Saturday, 19 April 2014

Minion Polymer Clay Tutorial


This tutorial is how to make a polymer clay minion, this can be made in different sizes and can be made into a range of pieces of jewellery and accessories (e.g. Key ring, dust plug, pendant). This post, like previous polymer clay tutorials is 100% my own and has been used to make pieces for my friends, the first minion was made from a picture.

For this tutorial you will need:
~Yellow Clay,
~Blue Clay,
~Black Clay,
~Grey Clay,
~White Clay,
~A Craft Knife,
~A Rolling Pin, 
~And jewellery findings.

Firstly take your clay colours (1) and roll them into balls (this will make it easier to handle when modelling), then take the yellow clay and roll into a sausage (2) making sure the ends curve slightly.


Next we need to add on facial features to our character, (3) thinly roll out the black clay and cut an amount that will go around the yellow sausage and leave a slight gap (4). Roll out a small ball of white clay and lightly flatten (5), this will make the base of the eye, and place in the gap made.

After that roll out another thin sausage with they grey clay and position around the outerside of the eye(6). You can also roll a small ball out of black clay to produce the pupil, or this can be painted on after baking. Another facial addition is a mouth, a craft knife can be used to add this on, but remember if you cut to far it cannot be easily undone.

Then roll out a very thin sausage of black clay again, this time cut several lengths and position on top of the head to create the Minion's hair (7).


Moving on to the body, roll out the blue clay and cut the ends as we will be using these (8). Place these onto the minion with the straight edge, in the centre of the body (9). Then use left over clay to make simple legs and arms and position in a pose (10+11).


Finally add your eyepin and your minion is ready to bake in the oven (use instructions on the back of your clay). I added a "Bapple" (apple) to my minion you may wish to add a "Banana" too!

Keep the Creative Juices Flowing, Enjoy!x


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