Saturday, 7 March 2015

Pen Pal Letter DIY

Hi everyone,
Recently I have been receiving letters from some pen pals. Some that my friends and I had received  were really creative and so inspired us to jazz up our own. So I thought I'd share exactly how I made my letter, please note that I am not a card maker so I was quite a novice at this!
Firstly the dress was made using origami and some pink scrapbooking paper that I had left. Instructions can be found here! The mini hanger that was attached to the dress was created using a paper clip, anyone that is on Pinterest may have already seen this pin;
The main letter/card was also made with scrapbooking card that I cut down to size using scissors and folding in half. Washi tape was applied along the top edge of the card. I used to create and print out the heading, and odd embellishments to finish off the letter. I then glued my main letter into the centre of my card and Voila! 

Hope you enjoyed this really quick post, sorry it was a bit short! Keep the Creative Juices Flowing and as they say in French...
Au revoir!!x