Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Camera Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hi everyone, 
I'm back with another polymer clay camera tutorial. I made this charm to look similar to the canon T3i (I don't know much about cameras but this is the choice of many youtubers).

 Before you start you will need;

~Black Polymer Clay,
~A Range of Tools (preferably a straight blade and craft knife),
~Printout of Logos, Camera lense, and Picture. (found at bottom of post)

(click images to enlarge)

To begin take your black ball of clay (1) and shape it into a rectangular shape using the side of the straight blade to ensure a clean edge(2). Take your rectangle and roll making sure you do not roll to the very edge(3). This should make a curved, thick column on the left hand side(4). This is the main body of your camera charm.

Next roll a small sausage of black clay and add to the top (your logo will be placed here later)(5). Then make a circular pancake shape in proportion to your camera (this is the base of your lense) (6) and position in the centre of the main camera(7). After that mould another, slightly thicker pancake shape and score vertical lines all the way around for texture(8).

Then add this lense piece to the camera by positioning on top of the thinner pancake shape(9), it should start to look more like a camera. For the next step roll out a sausage(10) and press around the camera lense as a rim(11). You have now finished one side of your camera. Turn your model over and score, using a craft knife, a rectangle (12) you may also add buttons for extra detail.

Now simply slide in an eye pin on both sides and bake using the instructions on the back of the packaging(13). Once this is done you can print out some logos to glue on and then varnish for a shiney finish! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! keep the Creative Juices Flowing!x
Here are the logos and printouts you will need. I did them in different sizes and will need to be copied, pasted and resized into an A4 document.
(click to enlarge)

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