Thursday, 5 June 2014


Hi everyone! I hope the following post will give you some new crafty ideas! This technique is easy and quick to do with great end results- DECOPATCH! You simply tear (or cut) the paper into smaller pieces and then coat the surface and apply. You can change the appearance of almost anything the only downside is that decopatch does not work on fabric.
(Can you believe it was sunny in the UK when I took this picture?!)
The image above is of my rabbit garden ornament that has been decopatched and placed outside before Easter. (Note: If you are going to place decopatched items outside make sure you varnish them first!)

This is simply an mdf word decopatched in different papers and then hung on the wall!
The following picture is a decopatched art mannequin (I'm quite proud of this idea. So much more interesting than the boring wooden ones!)
More info (such as UK stockists and handy tips) on decopatch can be found on my Hints and Tips page at the top of my blog. Keep the Creative Juices Flowing! Enjoy!x


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