Sunday, 29 June 2014

Love DIY Wire Ring

Hello everyone,
This tutorial will help you to make your own wire ring, which spells out love, (shown on the ring finger on the picture above). I know that there are loads of these tutorials online, but this again is my own and I have tried to find the easiest possible ways to make something that looks incredible. This project should only take 5-15 minutes.

So, before we start you will need(1);
~Wire (mines a 0.6mm thickness bought from Hobby Craft),
~Round Nose Pliers (any pliers will do, but round nose give better results on curves),

(click on the images to enlarge)

To begin, take your wire and cut it approximately between 15-20cm, the longer the wire piece the more  you have to work with, but also more excess waste. Take your pliers and make a loop at the end of the wire piece (2). This can be done by wrapping the wire around the one side, making sure you move the plier as you do so. Once you have done this you should end up with a small loop(3), take your pliers again and make a slightly bigger loop (the nearer to the end of the plier nose, the smaller the loop will be), further along the wire(4) (this is the start of the letter 'L'). At this point make sure that the wire is pointing towards you.

Next make a small loop where you would like the corner of your 'L' to go (5)(only loop around your pliers once) and make sure that your wire faces back to its original direction(6). After that you should see your ring start to take shape. Make another loop (trust me there are many more loops to come), this one should be slightly bigger than the others(7). Make sure that after this step your wire is pointing upwards(8).

Take your wire at the point just after the 'O' and bend so that the wire points downwards. Then bend again at an angle to create the 'v' (9) and then again so that the wire points horizontally(10). This time take your pliers under your wire ring and bend into a letter 'e' (11). Your 'Love' wording is now complete.

Finally (sorry about the picture quality, I couldn't get a clear picture it was that small), bend the excess around a cylinder object like a lipstick top or something lying around. Measure the ring against your finger and thread the other side of the wire through a loop (13), normally I would thread it through the first loop, however it did not sit properly on my finger, so I threaded it through the bottom one instead.

Use your scissors to cut the wire down and use your pliers to loop (again) the threaded wire around, this stops any sharp edges scratching your finger. 

Your ring is now ready to wear (sorry if those instructions were confusing in parts, the pictures should help). I am hopefully going to post more of these jewellery making projects, If you liked this or any other tutorials be sure to share and comment as it is much appreciated. And if you are a loyal follower of my blog follow me on any of my social media or subscribe to my feed to ensure that you do not miss out on any crafty ideas and projects! 

Keep the Creative Juices Flowing! Enjoy!x


  1. Very cool! This kind of jewelry seems to be all the rage these days! xo, Anna
    Twitter: @crzygorgeous365

  2. Thank you so much! Love your blog!x