Sunday, 22 June 2014

Harry Potter Inspired Spellbook DIY

Hello Everyone!
Ok in my last post I lied, here is another tutorial, again inspired by possibly my most favourite series of films- Harry Potter. Before we start you will need:
~One Piece of Card,
~A Computer and Printer,
~The pictures at bottom of page on an a4 resized File
(print with page1and 4 on outer side of 2 and 3etc.)
~Glue gun and Sticks,
~Fabric look-a-like leather (any strong, dark fabric will do)

To begin print the pictures and fold in the centre. This will make it easier later.
Gather your coffee, brush and water and paint the paper on both sides. (you can use tea if you wish, coffee just has a stronger colour). Its a good idea to use a hairdryer to help speed up the process.

Once you have applied your first layer add another, this time darker and only around the edges; it's a good idea to use the hairdryer again- so keep it on the side. When you have finished with the coffee and everything is dry, cut around the pale peachy outlines and refold along the centre lines.

Next we are going to start assembling the spell book. Take your fabric and cut it to a similar size to the pages. Then take your card (I used a light yellow colour card for this and it worked well), fold down the centre and glue to the back of your fabric cover.

After that take the folded edges of your paper pages and line them up. Glue gun along the top and make sure that non of the pages fall out when you flick through.

Your nearly finished! Simply glue the spine of the pages into the centre fold of your card and voila!
The very last step is to add the title of your book onto the front, I simply used gold and silver marker paint pens. Once they were dry I lightly rubbed over the word to make them look distressed and old.

 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Keep the Creative Juices Flowing! Enjoy!x

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