Sunday, 6 April 2014

Minnie Mouse Polymer Clay Tutorial

 This tutorial is how to make a stylish Minnie Mouse dust plug out of Fimo polymer clay, which will sit on the top of your phone and will no doubt attract plenty of complements! There are many polymer clays on the market, I use Fimo clay but other polymer clays are available like Sculpey.
For this creation you will need black, pale peach, white, yellow and red Fimo. I also use tools but a craft knife and rolling pin come in handy; they are just as useful as the tools you can purchase.
Start by taking a piece of black clay and roll it into a ball (this will produce the base of the head). Take the pale peach and do the same. Then use a rolling pin to flatten the pale peach clay and cut out a heart shape with a flat edge. (If the clay begins to stick to your surface sprinkle a pinch of flour onto your tray.)
Remove the excess and apply the heart shape onto the black clay ball.
To make the ears take two smaller pieces of black clay and roll into separate balls, press softly to flatten and add to the head.

In order to create the body take one larger ball and two smaller balls of red clay. Roll one edge of the larger ball and flatten the thicker edge to make a cone-like shape.

For the arms roll a sausage shape in black clay and two small balls of white clay, for the hands . Cut two equal lengths of black and add to the smaller red balls along with the white clay hands.

Softly press the head into position onto the body and also make a small bow shape out of some waste red clay.

Use a craft knife cap/lid to position your creation and add legs using yellow and black clay. Then your Minnie mouse is ready to bake, follow the instructions on your polymer clay. (I know that you bake Fimo clay at 110°c or 270°f for 20-30 minutes depending on size.)

Finally to finish off you may paint using acrylics to add finer detailing-e.g. spots, eyes, nose. Add your dust plug to the bottom using super glue to ensure strength, you may also varnish to allow a glossy appearance, but it can be left it as it is.