Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Starbucks Coffee Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hi everyone, another polymer clay tutorial. Today is a Starbucks coffee tutorial, great for any coffee lovers out there. A number of tutorials can be found online but unfortunately non worked the way I wanted, therefore I made my own.

For this tutorial you will simply need:
~A Piping Nozzel,
~White Clay,
~Brown Clay,
~Translucent Clay (I used Fimo),
~A Craft Knife or Blade.

Firstly take your white clay and cut into a smaller piece as this will make it more manageable, and will not make the brown clay any lighter when we come to mix.

Next step is (as you probably guessed) to mix the brown and white clay, simply roll and twist. But you want it too have a swirly appearance so don't get carried away.

Once you have mixed your clay it should look like this. Roll into a ball and then into a sausage shape- making the ends flat.

Cut the clay to an appropriate size (out of this I can make two Starbucks coffee charms).

Then take your translucent clay and roll into a sausage shape, next cut to approximately the circumference of the coffee cup and position around the edge. (Tip: For the bottom position on the underside, as this will make the top look bigger and more realistic.)

After that feed your remaining white clay through the piping nozzle, this will make a creamy effect, and swirl on top of your coffee cup.

Finally add an eye pin or dust plug and mini straw, bake and add a printout Starbucks logo.
Keep the Creative Juices Flowing, Enjoy!x

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