Sunday, 4 May 2014

Macramé/Shamballa Bracelet Tutorial


Hi everyone, this weeks tutorial is how to make a macramé bracelet using the box knot.This is also the same method that is used to create fashionable shamballa bracelets. Macramé bracelets can be given as gifts and made as friendship bracelets.

Before we start you will need (1);
~A Clip Board,
~Hemp, Waxed Cotton or String.


To begin, take your scissors and cut roughly 1m of two pieces of hemp. (The finished look appears better if the colours contrast.) Then fold both pieces in half and knot a few cm from the end(2). Clip the loop made to your clip board and spread out the 4 strands; there should be different colours on the outer side(3). After that take your 1st strand and fold over the next two strands (this should create a '4' shape), (4).


Next take your last strand and take it over the tail of the number 4, under the middle strands and back up through the loop(5).This should make a loose knot (shown in picture 6). Pull tight; you have now created the first half of your box knot. Take the same strand you started with (it will be on the opposite side now) and take it over the middle strands, to create a 'backwards 4' shape(7). Then again take the yellow strand over the tail of the 'backwards 4', take under the middle strands and back through the loop(8). You have now created a full box knot, repeat from the start until your bracelet is an appropriate length.


After I did 5 box knots I decided to add a bead. This can be done on any strand on the side or both strands in the middle. Once you have threaded your bead on simply continue the next half knot (9-11).
Continue to add beads and tie box knots until your bracelet goes around your wrist once (including top loop)(12).

When your bracelet is long enough tie at the bottom and then a few cm down for ease of taking on and off. There you have a finished macramé bracelet. Spiral knots also look good, when you do not complete a backward half box knot a spiral will start to form.

Keep the creative juices flowing! Enjoy!x


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