Monday, 25 August 2014

Back to School Ideas and DIYs!!

Hello everyone!!
It's the last week of the holidays and it back to school time!! Yay! So to make the whole experience more interesting why not personalise your stuff with these funky ideas?!

First of all; A Decopatched planner! This looks really cool and unique, the one pictured is mine from last year; however it still looked pretty good even though it's been dropped on the table many times! My friend also Decopatched her calculator with a combination of papers!! It looks incredible!

Secondly; why not make your own pencil case- I have done a post on this previously and it looks fantastic!(especially when you can't find one that you like in the shops).

And lastly; a chalk board!! This is great for organisation at home but it could also be nailed to the door of your locker. If you want more of a DIY take a flat piece of wood and make some chalk paint; there are loads of recipes on Pinterest!

Hope you liked these funky ideas to make going back to school more enjoyable! Sorry my posts won't be as frequent in the near future as I have no real content that I can feel enthusiastic about! So sorry about the lack of posts I have been busier than expected in the last 6 weeks! keep the Creative Juices Flowing! Enjoy!x

Friday, 15 August 2014

Egyptian Style Wire Rings

Hello everyone!
Sorry, it's been a while! I aimed to post more often this holiday and that seems to have been forgotten! But to make up for the lack of posts I have a few wire ring ideas!! 
So before we begin you will need some supplies;
~Thick wire preferably about 0.6-0.8mm,
~Round nose pliers,
~Some pretty coloured beads!

To start with all of these rings cut about 15cm of wire.

1. For the first wire ring (pictured on ring finger), take your wire and thread one bead into the centre. Wrap one end of the wire around half of the bead and repeat with the other side. (Both ends should have swapped places) Then wrap the wire around a pen three times, cut to the appropriate length and loop the edges in opposite directions.

2. For the second ring (pictures on the middle finger) take your wire and continuously loop around the smaller end of the pliers, changing the direction that you do it in everytime. Once you have completed this to the appropriate length, bend the wire around the edge of the first loop that you created.

3. For the third and final ring (pictured on the first finger) thread a bead onto the wire and wrap around a pen. Then adjust to your finger size, cut to appropriate size and bend both ends of the wire into interlocking loops.

These rings look incredible and hopefully give you some ideas! So sorry that I haven't had time to post recently will be working on new ideas for the time being!

Keep the Creative Juices Flowing! Enjoy!!x