Monday, 25 August 2014

Back to School Ideas and DIYs!!

Hello everyone!!
It's the last week of the holidays and it back to school time!! Yay! So to make the whole experience more interesting why not personalise your stuff with these funky ideas?!

First of all; A Decopatched planner! This looks really cool and unique, the one pictured is mine from last year; however it still looked pretty good even though it's been dropped on the table many times! My friend also Decopatched her calculator with a combination of papers!! It looks incredible!

Secondly; why not make your own pencil case- I have done a post on this previously and it looks fantastic!(especially when you can't find one that you like in the shops).

And lastly; a chalk board!! This is great for organisation at home but it could also be nailed to the door of your locker. If you want more of a DIY take a flat piece of wood and make some chalk paint; there are loads of recipes on Pinterest!

Hope you liked these funky ideas to make going back to school more enjoyable! Sorry my posts won't be as frequent in the near future as I have no real content that I can feel enthusiastic about! So sorry about the lack of posts I have been busier than expected in the last 6 weeks! keep the Creative Juices Flowing! Enjoy!x

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