Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mehndi Inspired Patterns

Hello Internet world! It's been a while since my last post (very sorry), but I have recently had a huge creative block! :( 
Anyway I'm back with another fabulous idea. Recently I've been inspired by mehndi patterns and henna tattoos- so I took to Pinterest and found some inspiration to create my own.....

I started drawing out my design in pencil, simply so that it was easy to change and rub out any features that I didn't like.

Once my pencil design was complete I found my favourite fineliners and began going back over all of my lines (this made it a whole lot darker and contrasted with the page).

Here's how the black fine liner finished up, you could experiment and try different colours and textures of pen.

My next brain wave was to add colour- however at this point I loved the black and white colours so instead I photocopied it and coloured small parts that were my favourite! I really am very happy with the result!! I love how simple shapes and curves can result in beautiful patterns and designs!

Hope you enjoyed that little idea, sorry I will try to post more over the coming weeks/months however I would rather post nothing at all than something of bad quality! Keep the Creative Juices Flowing!x

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