Monday, 20 October 2014

Harry Potter Inspired Rings

Hello everyone, I'm back with another post- how to make your own harry potter inspired wire ring! Next month I will be visiting the Harry Potter Warner Bros studios in London.....As you can probably guess I'm very excited, and will be uploading a few more posts.
So, before we begin you will need;
~Wire of a decent thickness (any colour you like),
~Round Nose Pliers.

Cut around 10-15cm of wire, you will have a lot of excess, however this can be used in future craft projects. After all it's better to have more than enough, rather than to run out mid-creation.

Take one end of your wire and produce a circular shape, by bending the wire twice around the thickest part of you pliers.

Next, take your pliers and bend the next length of wire half way around the smallest part of the plier nose- this will create the nose piece of Potter's glasses.

After that, make another circular loop by bending- try to keep it around the same/similar size to the first one.

Next bend the remander of the wire around to create the final ring shape. Then loop around the other side of the glasses and pinch into shape. If you want to add Harry's Scar simply twist and bend the wire as shown in the image below. (You can tell I got slightly carried away, as I also drew a smiley on my thumb!) :)

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial- it's been a while! Keep the Creative Juices Flowing and don't forget to add me on my social media, or comment on these tutorials, all support is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!x
(Also thank you so much for 3,000 page views! It's incredible! Had no idea, that my blog would ever get anywhere near that! ;) x)


  1. Loved it! Will certainly try to make this ring later!

    1. Try experimenting with different wire colours, they look great! Thank you so much for commenting and taking the time to look at my blog, its really appreciated! :) x