Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Winnie the Pooh Polymer Clay Tutorial

Here is my tutorial on how to make a Winnie the Pooh polymer clay character. I used the picture below (which I found on google) to create my pendant, adding the features which I felt were important.

Firstly to create the head, roll out a medium ball of yellow clay and pinch one side to make a nose-like shape. This will also produce an indentation for the eyes.

When your happy with the shaping of your head use two smaller yellow balls of clay and a black ball of clay,to make the ears and nose.

In order to create the body make two semi spherical shapes out of yellow and red clay (by cutting a ball in half) and press together, mine seemed to make a mushroom kind of shape?

Then if you feel adventurous add eyebrows to the head. And position the two body parts together. Then add a collar and sleeves to the body, this will produce Winnie's t-shirt.

Next start to add limbs. These can be made by creating an oval shape and sausage shape, and moulding them together.

Once all of your limbs have been created you can position them onto the body and add eyes (these can be painted after baking using acrylic paint, if you wish). Finally place  your clay creation into the oven to bake following the instructions on your chosen polymer clay. Your final product can be varnished to add strength or left if you prefer.😊

Hope you enjoyed!x

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