Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to Draw an Eye

Hi internet friends! Today I'm here with a new drawing tutorial..... How to draw an eye! So first things first, you will need a few pieces of equipment (obviously some are optional):
-Colour Pencils,
-Small Blending Stump (could use cotton wool bud or even a tissue),
-Rubber (for any mistakes),
-Good Quality Sketching Paper,
-Electric Rubber (Also optional, used for highlighting),
-Image Reference.

To begin, draw a light, basic sketch of an eye. Remember the corner, water line and eye lid (1).
Take your peach (skin colour) pencil and go back over the vague pencil outline (2).
Take the pink and colour the corner; add darker tones around the edges by adding more pressure. Then take a dark brown and again, draw around the basic outline. Use to darken the pink, begin adding tone to the top edge of the corner of the eye (3).
Next, use the dark brown (or blue, green etc. for different eye colours), and shade the iris. Utilise the black pencil to colour the pupil, do this in a circular motion for best results (4).

After that use a blending stump (or cotton wool bud) to blend the brown in the iris, so that there is no white from the paper, and is a good base to begin with (5).
Take your black pencil and shade from the outside of the iris. (The very edge should be dark and then gradually fade into about half way of the radius.) Use both your green and black pencil to add details into the eye, by drawing quick lines from the pupil of the eye (6).
Next, use your electric rubber and add realistic highlights; look to your image for reference. Also, take a light blue pencil and shade the edges of your eye- this will give dimension to the eye ball itself(7).
After that, take a pink, purple and dark brown. Use these colours to add tone around the outside of the eye. Use the pink under the eye and the brown and purple on the eye lid. Darker tones should be situated close to lines and then blended out (8).

Finally, use a sharp black pencil and redraw the basic outline of the eye. Add eyelashes by using angled strokes.
Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! Please comment, share and follow me on my social media- it's much appreciated! Keep the Creative Juices Flowing! :) x

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