Sunday, 15 February 2015

Little Jewellery Chest DIY

Hi everyone! I'm here with a new tutorial, a mini jewellery chest. After a good hunt around my local Hobby Craft I bought a few things ready for this little project of mine;
- A Paper Mache Chest,
-Decopatch Paper of my choice,
-Decopatch Glue,
-Paint Brush,

Firstly, I coated an area of my chest in decopatch glue, and tore my paper into small squares (your can also cut if you want to be precise, but the overall finish in no different).

Then I applied my paper square and added another layer of glue on top using the brush to smooth out any corners/ edges.
I continued to 'decopatch' all over my object until it was completely covered in paper.
Finally, decorate how ever you want. I added a lace border and bow to the front!
Hope you enjoyed this quick DIY tutorial, remember to follow me via my social media links and comment if you liked this post- it's really appreciated! Keep the Creative Juices Flowing! :) x


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