Sunday, 7 December 2014

Last Minute Christmas Crafty Ideas

Hi Everyone! I'm here to help with some last-minute, forgotten DIY present and decoration ideas. In total, after rummaging through Pinterest I found 8 really neat crafty ideas for this winter holiday. So, let's begin...

Firstly, DIY lippy (Lip Balm), I'm in love with the idea of making your own cosmetics, and making them look stunning with personalised labels and would be really nice to give away as a homemade Christmas gift! They're so cute! Might have to make some myself! They're especially great in these winter months when everyone's lips start cracking and really are an essential.

Next, here is another DIY gift idea. Why not take a plain white mug and personalise it using either a marker pen or a sharpie. The great thing about sharpies, is that they come in an array of colours- so get experimenting, then give them as a loving present.

Thirdly, I have found some paper craft ideas. These cards are absolutely adorable and would look stunning on a fireplace next to some Christmas stockings! They are also relatively easy, and could again be personalised. The name tags could be made from bits and bobs lying around the house- yet they still look really beautiful!

I am in love with the next two decorative ideas; a hot chocolate bauble and Christmas tree shelves. To create the bauble, simply fill a clear bauble with coca powder, marshmallows and other deliciousness and replace the top. Hang on your tree and enjoy whenever you wish! The Christmas tree may not be as easy to recreate- however it does give you some inspiration and ideas for decorations.

Finally, no Christmas is complete without a DIY snow globe- maybe place in a tree, snowman or reindeer into an old jar? Another warming gift idea; crochet infinity scarf! They're all in fashion and are great to create yourself!

And there we go! 8 Christmassy DIY ideas! Merry Christmas or as they say in the USA: Happy Holidays! Remember to comment, share and follow this blog on all of my social media, it really is appreciated! Keep the Creative Juices Flowing! :)x

Disclaimer: Please note that the ideas featured in this post were all found on Pinterest- however I am in no way affiliated with the site and or other similar corporations. These were all crafts in which I wished to share, as I felt they were good inspiration and ideas.


  1. I love the Christmas tree shelves! Best,

    1. I agree! Love to recreate them! They just look so festive! :) x