Friday, 11 July 2014

DIY Hearts Wire Ring

Hello everyone!
This is just another quick wire ring tutorial before my main weekend one. This tutorial will help you to create your own hearts adjustable wire ring-and its really simple and easy to do!
There are a few main pieces of equipment that you will need in order to begin(1);
~Wire of any colour you wish (mine is a 0.6mm thickness),
~Round Nose Pliers,
To begin, cut approximately 15-20cm worth of wire and position your pliers about 1cm from the end(2)(this will make the one side of your first heart).
Then begin to make a medium sized half loop by bending the wire around your pliers(3).
Then bend the wire backwards so that it is facing the opposite direction to step3, and squeeze into place (4). 

Make another half loop to create the other bend in a heart and join the first end to the other wire with a slight twist using the pliers (5).
Next take the end of the wire that you have been working on and bend it around a makeup lid or something curved(6).
Make the second heart using the previous steps(7) and cut off the excess wire.
Now you have a ready-to-wear ring that looks fabulous!(8)
Hope you enjoyed this really quick post! Keep the Creative Juices Flowing! Enjoy!x
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  1. Hi sweetie, your blog is so lovely!
    This DIY looks amazing! Great idea!!!

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    INDIELLIE | life style & photography blog

    - ellie

    1. Thank you so much! Your blog has so much pretty photography, Love it! :)